Due to the unprecedented demand for our face masks we have a 5-7 day delay on fulfilling your orders.



People often ask where I get my inspiration as a sportswear designer.

It’s simple, really. 

Since moving to Victoria's High Country with its beautiful mountains, clean air and pristine creeks and rivers 13 years ago, I’ve utilised my expertise, innovation and direction to create my unique brand of Australian SACUL sportswear.

Up until now, we have been renowned for the designing and manufacturing of custom printed sports gear www.sacul.com.au

But in light of the devastating impact COVID-19 is having on Australia and the world, SACUL has made some adaptations to its usual design and production lines and created a groovy, wearable and highly effective face mask!

Like other small businesses we are facing many challenges and this is our way of keeping employed and helping the community in such difficult times.

So when our local doctor Mark Zagorski OAM approached us about making some protective face masks, I jumped at the challenge and turned my hand to designing them!